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I wish everyone a happy new year! Posted by Niels K. Sunday, 12 December Vampires: Myths of the Past and the Future. With thanks to Jordi Ardanuy , I am able to mention this forthcoming conference at the University of London: Whether as hungry spirits, avenging furies or as the disgruntled dearly departed, they have been used to signify the monstrous other and the consequences of social transgression. Embodying the result of a life lived beyond patriarchal protective proscription that quickly changes from dream to nightmare and from fairy tale to ghost story. However their manifold and multifarious manifestation also provides a point of opposition and resistance, one that subverts majority narrative and gives agency to the disenfranchised and oppressed within society.

Here alternative narratives e. In the course of the past century the vampire has undergone many transformations which now see them as a separate evolutionary species, both genetically and cybernetically, signifying all that late capitalist society admires and desires thus completing its change from an abhorational figure to an aspirational one; the vampire is no longer the myth of a murky superstitious past but that of a bright new future and one that will last forever.

This interdisciplinary conference will look at the various ways the vampire has been used in the past and present to construct narratives of possible futures, both positive and negative, that facilitate both individual and collective, either in the face of hegemonic discourse or in the continuance of its ideological meta-narratives. Stacey Abbott Catherine Spooner Milly Williamson We invite papers from a wide variety of disciplines and approaches such as: Possible themes include but are not limited to: Abstracts of words should be submitted to Simon Bacon at vampiremyths1 googlemail.

Sunday, 14 November The source of Oder. Here is a short review of one Karl Ferdinand von Schertz ' books from the Leipzig journal Acta eruditorum from September Apparently, von Schertz traces the sources of the river Oder , Odra , to the mountain Sauberg , Svini hora , currently in the Czech Republic: Saturday, 13 November A History of Horror.

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Perhaps slightly off topic, but I think this recent BBC documentary on horror cinema is excellent and worth watching, not least because it provides some rare insights into a number of classic vampire and Dracula movies. Hopefully it will be available on DVD some time in the future, but as someone has put it up on youtube, here is a chance to view most of all three episodes. Sunday, 7 November Books and reviews. I have a couple of other books that I will post reviews of shortly.

First of which is Vampire: Von damals bis s heute by Nicolaus Equiamicus Ubooks. Apropos of books, the forthcoming book on Calmet that I mentioned here , has been postponed until February Calmet , Nicolaus Equiamicus. Romania , where the distinction is not only between a civilised West and a superstitious, backwards East, but also between the enlightened Romanian cities and the superstitious villages.

As in the case of the Marotinu de Sus incident: Die Bruchlinien verlaufen mitten durch die Gesellschaft: Unter diesen Voraussetzungen ist es kein Wunder, dass der recht spezielle Begriff des Vampirs bald auf eine ganze Reihe von magischen Erscheinungen ausgeweitet wurde, die eine Sache gemeinsam haben: His exposition is clearly quite up to date, as he avoids the fallacies of most writers on the subject in e.

Here as well, he interestingly traces the creation of Transylvania as the land of vampires. This part includes interesting, and again: Why does the vampire remain so popular? It is well written and researched, and it is delightful to read a book that is in all aspects in accordance with a modern view of the subject, free of the myths and errors that you find in most other books.

For that reason alone, this book is worth reading for the casual reader as well as for those of you who have a special interest in vampires. Sunday, 31 October Another Halloween. I find that I rarely get around to writing blog posts because other activities tend to take up a lot of my time. But I just received an e-mail from someone who had found this blog because of a search inspired by Halloween, so I thought I would just post of a photo of the pumpkin head I made from this year's harvest in my own garden.

I have a few blog posts that I have left unfinished, e. In the photo below are three pretty rare vampire books that took me some time to get hold of: Otto Steiner 's Vampirleichen: Who knows, with the advent of e-books, they will perhaps be accessible for next to nothing on a phone, Kindle or iPad?

Magia Posthuma:

Sunday, 17 October 'Vlad the Prick'. I noticed a critical commentary on the Dracula Voivod or Vampire exhibition in Bucharest: But there is little linking the two figures other than a shared surname. But the real victim here is Romania, which is at the mercy of two independent myths — mostly constructed by foreigners. Then the exhibition jumps into the 18th Century and enters Moravia, where it elaborates accounts of vampires. Peasants blame mysterious deaths in villages on the dead who walk at night, so they dig up graveyards and disinter bodies. When they find a corpse that has not fully decayed, the villagers chop off its head and burn the body.

Villagers recount how people become hungry for human blood if they eat the flesh of an animal which a vampire has consumed or if they are buried in the same cemetery as a vampire. These accounts fuel vampire and zombie myths — but how does this relate to Vlad Tepes? The exhibition follows this struggle from the days of Vlad Tepes and until the 18th century, and I think this is an interesting historical way of linking the otherwise disparate subjects of a Valachian Voivod and the 'undead' corpses that caught the attention of many people in the 18th century.

Bram Stoker wanted to place his novel in the region, but moved it from Austria to Transilvania , and most probably by chance made a link that is now part of Romanian tourism. Romania today seems to have integrated so many elements of popular Western culture that you can easily find translations of various vampire novels in their bookstores, including a Romanian translation of Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt's 'sequel' to Stoker's Dracula: Bucharest , Dracula , exhibition , Ottoman Empire , Romania , vampires.

Tuesday, 28 September Dracula is dead and well and living in Romania Left Copenhagen on September 23 at Like Jonathan Harker I went beyond the forests but I was travelling above them, as he or any of his modern colleagues would have done today, watching the Carpathians and the Transylvanian Alps from way up. My short visit to Bucharest , lasting just a little more than fifty hours, had one aim: I visited the exhibition twice, but I can only show you a photo of the exterior, as photography was stricly prohibited inside.

So if you want to know what the exhibition looks like, you have to go to the web site I linked to recently. I suppose that this may well have been the first and last time that I get to see some of these items, as they are usually to be found at a number of different locations in Europe. Looking at the opening page of the Visum et Repertum , it was obvious that the spelling is Arnout Pavle and not all the other ways it has been spelled in books since that time. I am unable to say what other people thought about these items - although I noticed a number of enthusiastic writings in the guest book - but to me it was sensational to finally see the genuine article on display to the public: Of course, the exhibition only gave a superficial impression of these things, as it follows the story from Vlad Tepes over the wars between Christian Europe and the Ottomans, the vampire cases and debate of the 18th century, ending up with Bram Stoker and the cinematic vampire.

Personally, I would have liked to see some these things elaborated on in more detail, but I am more than happy to have had the opportunity to see these paintings, manuscripts, books and other items. Well worth travelling km to attend, I would say. But this was not the only exhibition on Vlad Tepes, because at the very hotel that I stayed at I found an exhibition of stamps, letters, postcards and other items tracing the history of Vlad Tepes.

Apparently funded by Fundatia Snagov , a lot of time and effort must have gone into compiling all this material. And what a coincidence that I should find it at the very hotel I was staying at! A pleasant one as well, the Golden Tulip situated on Calea victoriei , not far from the national art museum.

Jenseits aller Tabus: Erotischer Roman (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Sandra Henke. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Jenseits aller Tabus: Erotischer Roman (German Edition) at Read honest and unbiased .

If you are going to Bucharest, I would recommend hotels on or near this street, as you are in a convenient part of town close to the city centre. Curiously, many of the hotels and restaurants seem to think that beer from my own country is 'probably the best beer in town' , so I had to go to a supermarket to taste one of their local beers. In the photo below you can also see an issue of a Romanian historical magazine, Historia with a theme on Vlad Tepes that I noticed in one of the numerous small shops selling books and magazines around town.

Even Bram Stoker seems to be a household name! Most of the souvenirs are pretty kitschy, but I had a pretty pleasant time at the Count Dracula Club , a theme restaurant where you can get vampiric cocktails and menus based on Dracula.

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So I had a 'vampire coffin' cocktail, paprika chicken and tasted their Tuica. All pretty nice and it ended with the count himself turning up, quoting Stoker and biting 'Mina' on the neck.

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Good fun, and not expensive. Apart from the exhibition, the other highlight of my trip was a visit to the church on an island in the lake Snagov, Lacul Snagov , where the remains of Vlad Tepes were buried according to legend. I hired a 'limousine' to there, which also allowed me to get some more information on the town and on Romania in general from the driver. In any case, it was like entering another world when we drove off the high way and entered the forest.

The road was awful, but the driver knew his way around, so everything went fine. We encountered a few horse carts and people collecting logs, everything more or less like pictures I had seen of rural Romania. A bridge is being constructed to the island where the Snagov monastery is located, but I think it will take some time before it is finished. In the meantime you still have to go by boat to the island, and this means sailing in an old fashioned rowing boat across the lake as shown in the photo below, and no one seems to be thinking about life vests! Anyway, everything went fine, and I and my driver got to the island.

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  • Lotosblüte: Erotischer Roman (German Edition) eBook: Sandra Henke: Kindle Store.

I was actually the only tourist around, and I may even have been the only one that day! The monastery or church is pretty small like so many of the Romanian Orthodox churches.

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The main attraction is the 'grave' of Vlad Tepes, which is easy to find. So I and my driver went around the small island, while he retold some of the stories about Vlad Tepes. Not quite historically correct, but who cares as all the circumstances surrounding this visit to a place I have read about since I was a teenager made it a highlight of a trip. I hope to return some time in a not too distant future to 'go to the mountains' , as I was recommended at the hotel, and see some of the other places I have read about, as well as the Carpathians and the Romanian countryside.

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But I should not wait too long, because in ten years or so Snagov and other locations may have turned into tourist traps as we know them from other countries: The only disappointment I had was a 'standard tour' of the Parliament. The building or palace itself and the boulevard leading to it looks like the remnants of a megalomaniac vision, but I had expected more from the tour of the interiors. Anyway, this has nothing to do with vampires per se , and it did not spoil the highlights of the Dracula exhibition and Snagov! Sunday, 19 September Books I hope to post more on both books soon and I have been told even one more book on vampires should arrive shortly Later this month I intend to enter the doorway shown above in a photo I have taken the liberty to 'borrow' from an interesting Romanian piece on the current exhibition on Dracula and vampires in Bucharest that I mentioned some time ago.

It will only be a brief visit to Bucharest, so I am not sure if there will be time to go to Snagov or any of the other places that the 'Dracula tourist' would go, but I am looking forward to the exhibition - more so after seeing the photos accompanying the above mentioned web site.

Bucharest , Dracula , exhibition , Romania , Vlad Tepes. Fascinated by the country, Gerard still found it an isolated and alienating place. In the years following, she wrote this full-length account first published in as well as several articles on the region, which Bram Stoker used when researching the setting for Dracula.

With humour and compassion she describes her encounters with the different nationalities that made up the Transylvanian people: Romanians, Saxons and gypsies.

Full of startling anecdotes and written in a novelistic style, her work combines her personal recollections with a detailed account of the landscape, people, superstitions and customs. Friday, 6 August Leptirica. It has been a long time since I last mentioned the Yugoslavian that was what it was back then movie Leptirica. archive

But now I would like to refer to an in-depth review of it that another blogger has written recently. As it has yet to see release on DVD in one of the major languages, I can only agree that it is 'an important film begging for a full re-mastered international release'.

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Sunday, 7 November Books and reviews. Von damals bis s heute by Euqiamicus because of its accessible and comprehensive history of vampire cases from the famous ones of the early 18th century and into the 21st century. Drawing on many little-known and rarely used texts, Euan Cameron constructs a compelling narrative of the rise, diversification, and decline of popular 'superstition' in the European mind. I suppose that this may well have been the first and last time that I get to see some of these items, as they are usually to be found at a number of different locations in Europe. Full of startling anecdotes and written in a novelistic style, her work combines her personal recollections with a detailed account of the landscape, people, superstitions and customs. Enlightened philosophers mocked traditional cults as superstitions.

Sava Savanovic , Serbia , vampire movies. Spending some time in Paris this summer, I of course tried to take a look at some things that might be of relevance to this blog. At Versailles there was a small outdoor exhibition of the suits of some professions, including the astrologer's as shown above, and, of course, the busts and statues of some people who have played a role in vampire history. Not least Voltaire below who actually visited Senones , but later on attacked Calmet in his oft-quoted: Doolittle who almost can talk to the animals.

There is also a plane tree platanus orientalis that he planted in that garden in The statue of Buffon is facing the Grande Galerie d'evolution , which actually carries the name of the botanist Joseph Pitton de Tournefort , who before Buffon had been involved in developing the garden. In vampire history, Tournefort is of course known for observing and describing Greek revenant belief in his Relation d'un voyage du Levant. Currently there is an exhibition of photos of cemeteries from around the world, including one from Highgate Cemetery in London. The mysterious, but fake tomb below can be found in a private vampire museum run by author Jacques Sirgent.

Well, I couldn't go to Paris without trying to see a vampire museum, so I and my wife visited the place and had a pleasant time with Sirgent who talked about his books and his views on vampires, the possible location of Vlad Tepes's corpse etc. Le sang des innocentes. One of his books is available in English: Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg.

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