The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal With It

The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal With It – Jim Banks
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You may have had one or many very upsetting, frightening, or traumatic things happen to you in your life, or that threatened or hurt something you love—even your community. In fact, you may feel the effects of these traumas for many years, even for the rest of your life. Sometimes you don't even notice effects right after the trauma happens.

Years later you may begin having thoughts, nightmares, and other disturbing symptoms. You may develop these symptoms and not even remember the traumatic thing or things that once happened to you.

Healing from Trauma and Moving On

For many years, the traumatic things that happened to people were overlooked as a possible cause of frightening, distressing, and sometimes disabling emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety, phobias, delusions, flashbacks, and being out of touch with reality. In recent years, many researchers and health care providers have become convinced of the connection between trauma and these symptoms. They are develop ing new treatment programs and revising old ones to better meet the needs of people who have had traumatic experiences.

This center can help you to know if traumatic experiences in your life may be causing some or all of the difficult symptoms you are experiencing.

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It may give you some guidance in working to relieve these symptoms and share with you some simple and safe things you can do to help yourself heal from the effects of trauma. Some things that may be very traumatic to one person hardly seem to bother another person.

Trauma and the Brain

If something bothers you a lot and it doesn't bother someone else, it doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. People respond to experiences differently. Do you feel that traumatic things that happened to you may be causing some or all of your distressing and disabling emotional symptoms? Unfortunately, trauma affects us on many levels, emotional, spiritual and physical. Medically the understanding and treatment of the affects of trauma has been limited primarily to the emotional.

And medication seems to have been relegated to insulation from the pain. Traditional medicine seems to recognize that our bodies have many little understood capabilities and one of them is the retention of the memory of trauma at a cellular level, but treatment has not been affective in reversing its effects.

What Are the Main Sources of Trauma?

Symptoms, Treatment, and Self-Help. If your client has been frequently tormented by violent or sexually oriented dreams, this will usually kill them. Just listening for 10 minutes can help you feel better. Work to establish harmony with your family or the people you live with. Go to sleep and get up at the same time each day and aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. One of the considerations in whether or not to medicate for the symptoms of trauma is the presence of medication side effects.

Arthur Burk, founder of Plumbline Ministries, www. His take on it is that when Jesus was on the cross, the darkness that overtook the scene that day was neither a storm, nor the aftermath of a localized earth quake, as many Biblical scholars have tried to reason. But instead, it was every demon in hell coming to take its last best shot at Him; intentional torment and torture.

It is little wonder that his death took comparatively so little time on the cross. We do not have to suffer that again. Tom Hawkins, founder of Restoration in Christ Ministries, www. You and I live in a multi-dimensional world but are generally only cognizant of four of them; height, width, depth and time. But theoretical scientists working with String and Superstring theory tell us that there are at least 11, and there may be as many as 23 dimensions. You have to remember that you and I are made in the image of God Genesis 1: Scientists tell us that if each organ is broken down to the lowest common denominator it will all be a similar type of cell; same DNA as the whole person but encoded such that it will perform well within the context of that organ.

Dealing With The Effects Of Trauma

If we break that cell down further, we find a number of atoms. Each atom can be further reduced to its component parts; neutron, proton s and electron s. How can that be done? By removing one small part of us to another domain or dimension. Through specific questions an interview , determine the traumatic events for the client from childhood into adulthood; physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual.

Make a list if you need to.

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First of all, tell your client what you are about to do and get their permission to do it. This would include fear induced during and following significant medical procedures and surgery s. Require that it come out without harm or injury. Bless their lymphatic system and other systems to safely remove all wastes, toxins, poisons, or any other product or by-product of trauma from the body. Include anything that is naturally a foreign agent in the body, that were bonded to, or that the body produced in excess connected with the traumatic event.

Take authority over their body and command out of it all of the long and short-term affects of trauma, injuries, stress, tension, worry, anxiety, fear, wounding, etc. In the event of particularly defiling activity such as rape or initial homo-sexual encounters, command out of their body the memory of all smells, feelings, tastes, sounds, vibrations and touch connected with those events.

How Our Helpline Works

The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal With It [Jim Banks, Brooke Jack, Joshua A . Jack, Pat Banks, Becca Wineka, Jennifer Webb] on *FREE*. The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal With It: Third Edition [Jim Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Over the last 30 years of praying.

Do not hurry through this part. You will find that your client may feel things leaving them as the get progressively more relaxed.

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I have had several clients actually fall asleep toward the conclusion of this section and many more unable to walk out of my office immediately afterward because they are so relaxed. This is important; Ask the Lord to disconnect them from any and all 2nd heaven entities; principalities, powers, dominions, thrones, rulers, etc. Ask the Lord to shut down all pathways, portals, and means of access to them for communication or influence.

According to Psalms Those are our responsibility.

Dealing With The Effects Of Trauma

I have dealt with them as a higher order of evil, such as a dark power, ruler, throne or dominion and experienced much success with breaking all their tormenting activities by asking God the Father to deal with them. They seem to come out or disconnect whether they are demons earth bound or 2nd heaven entities of a higher order. And if this is all you are able to pray due to time or opportunity, it will go a long way toward establishing freedom for them.